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Aug 31, 2011
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When posting a network/partnership review here at YTtalk you must follow the guidelines in this thread and use the posting template below. ALL posts not following these guidelines and using our template will not be approved and will be deleted so please make sure to read this through before posting your review. Please ensure you read this whole thread before posting your review to ensure yours gets approved quickly.

We want reviews posted here to be honest, unbiased and well written as to help others reading your review, this forum is a place for you to express your experience with your current YouTube network or partnership rating its features and support and writing of your experience with them.

Template For Reviews

Network Name:
Time With Network:
Total Contract Renewals:
Support Rating:
Features Rating:

What Your Review Must Include
  • Your review must include the networks name in the title of the thread. If you are not with a network you can include Adsense or YouTube Partner instead.
  • You must use the posting template above, it may not be amended and must be completed fully. You may however omit the network name if you are with Adsense/YouTube directly as a YouTube partner.
  • You may enter zero for total contract renewals if you have never renewed your contract.
  • Your review may not contain libellous content/personal information about network staff and must be a fair review using suitable language. Reviews containing profanity, insults etc will not be approved.
  • Your review must make sense and be well written.
Account Requirements
  • You must have posted at least 200 quality posts at YTtalk.
  • You must not be affiliated with the network you are reviewing nor be a member of staff of another network.
  • Your linked to channel (red channel box) must be your own and you must have the channel currently partnered with the network you are reviewing. If you have recently become partnered please make sure you have been partnered for at least a few days, we recommend leaving a review when you have been with the network for a while so you get a feel for them first.
  • You may post one network review per month.
Review Posting Terms

When posting a thread in the YouTube Network Reviews forum you agree that your thread will not be edited or removed at a later date/time once approved by a staff member and may be removed for any reason without notice at any time at a staff members discretion. You also understand that your network review thread will be closed disallowing replies from other members. By posting your review you are confirming that you are not affiliated with the network you are posting a review for nor any other YouTube networks and that your post is unbiased due to any business relationship/friendships with YouTube networks and their employees.