Gaming Want to be part of a new Pc Minecraft Collab Team?


Sep 17, 2020
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Hello, I'm CreeperTime and I'm looking to start a Collab team of 5-10 (maybe more if possible) members.
About me:
- I'm 15 and in 10th grade
- Time zone | Eastern Time
- I can only use Fabric Mods (Don't know why forge wont work)

Whenever I tend to make videos, I find that they come out better whenever your playing with someone else, but when all your friends aren't available it could be hard to record frequently.
So I've decided to try and find people who can record frequently and gather them up into one group.
If you want to be part of this group here are the only requirements:
- Have a legit Minecraft Java account
- Have a Discord Account
- Have at least 2 months of YouTube Experience
- Be able to use Fabric Mods

For further Questions here's my Discord: CreeperTime#2081