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Hello guys i wanted to have a little discussion on this issue that swamps you tube and its many recommendation options that ends up swamping your in box with these types of videos.

We see many videos where they raise topics which are controversial in nature. Which in many ways is something that has to be addressed in society, but many times we see videos that without a doubt have one meaning and that's to cause toxic comments which in effect causes engagement on their channel. This then returns them with a high ranking status based on comments and engagement rather than actual watch time and you only need to click on these or maybe post one comment in their comment box and bam your recommends from you tube are a lot of videos from their channel which are in fact very much the same sort of video's.

Whats your thoughts on this process, should a recommended video be based on how much time you have watched it ? it does make sense because this would show your real interest in the actual content but i find that you don't even need to watch the video to have these become regular promoted videos in your in box. This for me gives you tube an underlined dirty meaning in my opinion. Channels seem to adopt this all the time by making videos on topics that is obviously going to cause arguments. Where some channels do this with taste and the video is actual good content, there are many that just tap into this with trolling video's about said subject , which pull in the arguing trolling and toxic beefing people

Many channels are now successful because of this, their actual content and video quality is in many ways very poor yet because millions argue and war with each other in the comment section these videos then become big videos for you tube to promote. You could say that they promote because they must have lots of watch time which we all think is the base of being successful on you tube but i believe there is something else at work here. Taking the fact that you tube will spam your recommend section with these even if you simply click on the video by accident is for me a slight clue that these popular discussed videos are ones you tube want to promote. Lets face it, negativity, beefs, and rants spread more fast and are more popular than lets say " wow man your video is great"

Anyway guys whats your thoughts on this ? do you reckon there should be more rules for video creators or maybe you think videos that cause constant trolling or toxic behaviour around you tube should be banned. I guess many top channels would have to go if that was the case. I'm cool with that because there is some that i believe are a discredit to you tube and pretty much bad for this type of platform.

I guess you could say that its down the the people commenting, which it all should boil down too. I don't believe this is true, the popular song " i predict a riot " has a good foot in the door here. Many people know how to stir trouble and then sit back and watch while it unfold. I believe these types of videos should be held accountable also and i don't believe these people are the ones that should be being promoted but they are.

Kind regards
Dadrules :)