Videos Forum and Second Channel Update/Changes - Important!

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Hey everyone,

We have been making some changes to how members are able to access the Videos forum and second channels are now also available for VIP Members. Please have a read to stay up to date on accessing the Videos/Channels/Reviews/Milestones forum so you can access it too.

What's New?

As of today you will now need to have either VIP Membership or purchase Video Forum Full Access for 50 YTtalk cash per month from the Shop in order to post within the videos/channels/reviews/milestones section.

This change has been made to ensure only those truly interested in taking part are able to reap the benefits of our extra promotional features and also to help cut down on post and runners who will sign up, promote and then leave, we just dont want that here, we want to see active members benefiting from these features, the ones who regularly take part.

Those without access will not be able to reply or post new threads within the forum and its subforums. They are able to read however (in other words that forum and its subforums are in read only mode for members without access).

Promoting your videos, channel including making solicitations etc without these elsewhere on the forums will result in an account warning.

Second Channels for our VIP Members!

In addition to this you can now add your second channel as a VIP Member to your signature, simply visit your Personal Details and fill in the Second Channel field, it will only show whilst your VIP status is active and disappear when your VIP Membership is not active. This has been a feature we have wanted to have a for a long time and have seen requested every so often but finally we have been able to do it :) You can see my signature to see what it will look like and how it works when you do/dont have it.

As always we are looking out for the best of the community and our members and I hope you like the change and update, if you have any questions regarding the new package or the secondary channel please ask away :)


Please note: Misuse of the second channel feature will result in your VIP Membership being revoked without refund or notification, linking to channels you do not own yourself constitutes as misuse of it. Network recruiters may not utilise this feature to link to their network/hub channels. Posting pointless posts and post padding (adding irrelevant or pointless content to your posts) will result in your access being revoked if we find you doing this repeatedly.

We are trialling the Video Forum Full Access package and VIP Membership only access for at least 1 month, if it performs to our expectations it will remain the same for the foreseeable future.

This change over will come in over the next 30 minutes, there may be a couple of permissions errors whilst the last changes are finalised. Second Channels are ready to use right away.

If anyone notices any permission errors when trying to post within one of the subcategories please report it to us to get it fixed, that is of course if you have VIP or the Video Forum Full Access Package, thank you.

Thanks everyone!
YEEESSS!!!!!! WOOT WOOOT Michael this is brilliant, this should make the promo section far more helpful!
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