Unable to know why I'm not growing? (Give me your honest/brutal review)


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Dec 19, 2014
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Hey! I agree with the other ones, your channel looks great!

I must say, it doesn't appeal to me very much since it doesn't have that much personality. Try to give more of yourself to the channel, either by showing you via camera or try to come up with something people will remember you by and think of something makes you special. In this huge pool of Gamers on youtube you can easily go under, so think of something to stand out! :)

If you like doing it, don't give up, you just have to try different approaches. :up2:
I made a promise to not showing my face until I reach 1000 Subscribers. It's silly now, true but, I made the promise more than 4 years ago when I was fantasizing about if I ever started making YouTube videos. A promise which I hope to keep if possible... I try to be personal when making "Let's plays". Although the latest one is rather long. The other more scripted videos. I try to keep them less professional / robotic sounding by trying to write words that I would normally say on a daily basis but, no matter what. I also, a little more professional than "Let's plays".