Vlog UK 21 Year old looking to collaborate.

Tom Ruddock

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I am new to YouTube, I have around 23 Subscribers. I am looking to expand and make some online friends.

I would like to collaborate with others, It would be great to chat to people and make videos together (somehow)

Drop me a message either on here/on my channel or on Twitter @ruddoshow

vlogging is awsome, and collabs would be great! im not from the Uk tho im from Usa and an americian, so yea im down for any collabs just feel free to contact me if you have any ideas in mind =)
Im 22 and a vlogger....i have over 400 subs and live in essex!! Hook me up, i have a few other youtubers linked to me and we have an excess of 1000 subs, let me know or tag me in a video :D ill subscribe :)