Top Ten YouTube Channel Design Tips


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Here are 10 quick tips on YouTube channel design.

1. Always make sure the design works (fits) with the latest YouTube layout.
2. Try and make it appealing to your audience, if your videos are about dancing, dont use a background with cars on it, if your videos are about makeup use something girly or use something that includes makeup.
3. Make sure to edit link and text colours on YouTube so they match your theme.
4. Dont go with the default look, a little effort into customisation goes a very long way and makes your channel more attractive to your visitors and audience.
5. If at all possible make your own background for your channel and design it to a good standard, if you dont have the tools for designing one, use one from a YouTube background website.
6. When choosing a background choose or make something not too bright, vivid colours are a turn off and can hurt peoples eyes for example hot pink, bright green, bright yellow.
7. Personalise things, if you have a downloaded background from a background website add some personalisation to it if that is allowed, adding your channel name to it will of course help with your branding and make you more memorable.
8. Dont use pornography or scantily clad women or guys unless that is what you are promoting. It may put off people from visiting especially if they have children at home or are at work.
9. Dont steal other peoples backgrounds and remove their names and such from it, not only does this look unprofessional, others could find out and it wouldn't leave a good impression of you.
10. Be creative and do your best! A sloppily put together background/design will show, try your best and if in doubt ask on our forums for friendly constructive critique and get help with your channel design.

Another additional tip from Ellie is to add a watermark to help protect your design from being stolen.

Thank you for reading and good luck!
Good tips theres lots of people stealing them so adding your name or watermark to them will put them off, please add it :D
I have added a video to the first post, hope everyone likes it :) I will add the watermark step too.