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Hello guys, my name is Ihsan and in my channel called leisure facts, I normally post top 5 videos regarding interesting facts. I opened my channel last year, but I started making videos in march 2017 and I already reached more than 600 subscribers. I am seeking for youtubers who treat the same topics as mine (top 5/10 videos) with around 700 active subscribers or even more. If you are interested don't hesitate to contact me and in case u wanna see my videos first, here is the link: youtube.com/leisurefacts let me know what you think about my channel. I'm so serious with youtube, so I expect you to be serious as well :)Thanks for the attention. :thumbsup2:
I do lost style videos. Check out my channel and see what you think. I have looked at your and I see a similar type of video. If you want to collaborate with me on a video I'm up for that. I'm nearly at 4k subs . Have a look and see what you think
Hey bro, I just checked your channel and wow... I'm really impressed from the quality of your videos so I already subscribed :) and I think it would be amazing if we make a collaboration together. ;) Let me know man:wavespin: I'm ok with any topic you like :)