This persons comment is always marked as spam


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So hey there.

I've got this subscriber who usually comments on my videos. But the comments posted by this individual are usually marked as spam and I never get notified about them when they comment on my video.

So I actually have to go to my video manager and find out if I have received any comments by them and reply to them.

Why is it that their comments are always marked as spam? I always have to manually click on the "not spam" button.

Any ideas?
I don't think that it is trolls. I have a few people where this always happens to their comments as well. We have messages each other and we can't figure out why this is happening.
Don't have much to contribute to a solution, but I've seen this happening on my videos as well. Oddly they usually turn out to be some of the better and longer comments I see.
I get that too. There are sometimes awesome comments but they're considered spam, and I always have to waste time un-spamming them. I'm always worried the poster thinks that I was the one that considered his comment spam.