These videos offend me, but YouTube doesn't do anything about it


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Hello can someone help me?

Some guy took my head photo from my Facebook edited and put it in a videos to mock me, I reported that videos many times as harrasment but YouTube is not going to remove it no matter what.
I know it takes time but I've been fighting this for months and there's no response from YouTube.

Therefore, I am asking other people to join report of these recordings.
Please also do not write him any comments because he will put these videos to private and you will not be able to report them anymore, that why ive been fighting for long long tine.
Because that guy place them as private for own amusment.
I know that I could go to the police with this, but from one person I found out that the person who did it is mentally ill and the police can't do anything about it.

PS If anyone is from Poland, please contact me privately as i had another idea.