The Tools Of A Great VFX Artist

Jason Liu

Master GFX Designer/Gamer

As a young designer I always felt left out when I didn't know what the pros used to make their art look as great as it was. And today I am going to list you some programs used by many channel background, intro, and outro, designers.​
<~1~> Cinema 4d
Cinema 4d is a great 3d construction and rendering tool used by many artists and designers across the world. This wonderful program made by Maxon will take your 2d playing field into a whole new world with realistic rendering and design. It is an easy to use program and if you are just looking to make things such as 3d text that looks nice... this program is god's gift to you.. or Maxon's hahah :)
<~2~> Adobe Photoshop
I am a very big fan of all Adobe programs, but Photoshop is a very strong yet simple asset to any designers life. With this program, photo manipulation will become a part of your everyday life:)
<~3~> Adobe After Effects
As I mentioned before I am a big fan of all Adobe products, and one of my other big faves is of course Adobe After Effects. This program is fit for all of your video editing needs. Amazing projects can be completed with just this program, but if you combine it with the previous two programs you will get payed for your work ;)!!​
And basically those are all the programs you need to start VFXing it up in your hometown? lol... But really these programs will make you a great designer(I've said this word so many f*****g times) and could possibly makes you a couple dollars on the side.

<Note> these programs do usually cost a decent amount of money... but there are other ways to get them which are illegal but the choice is yours.
I never tried Cinema 4D yet, but I can tell you After Effects is everything that you need for VFX. If you want to do 3D animation, then you'll need Cinema 4D :)