The Road To The Silver Play Button

Mo Salah

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Jan 12, 2019
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This is my first post here on the forum. Last month I have received YouTube's Silver Play Button and this means that I have generated over 100K subscribers on YouTube. I have done this in 4 years without using paid advertisement. I grew my fitness channel from ZERO to +102K subscribers and more than 10 million views!

✅I will share with you what I did to reach these figures:

✋ First let me introduce myself, I am a pharmacist, certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist.

My main videos topic is about natural bodybuilding and weight loss. My content is about building muscles and burning fat without using anabolic steroids. Hence, I called the channel “NoSteroids”. Also, I created videos for women who want to be in shape and burn excess fat.
85% of my viewers are men and 15% are women. My Top 15 videos are transcribed into English language.

1. I published weekly video at the same time ⌚ on Friday - Currently there are 269 videos.

2. Videos are having useful information and based on scientific research, and I never use bro science. The average video length is 5 minutes long which is not favored by YouTube as they want to increase the watch time on the platform.
I’m sure if I have created much longer videos, the results would have been better but my audiences do not like long videos as they found them boring, and I’m well known in the fitness industry by my short yet very helpful videos.

3. I haven’t done any sub4sub.

4. I responded to all comments and paid attention to all the viewers, and I used to answer their questions in my upcoming videos.

5. I’m an expert in SEO and I use TubeBuddy. Most of the viewers tell me whenever we do a YouTube or Google search we find one of your videos...
Additionally I do care about the titles and description but never used clickbait. I share my videos on other social media platforms.

6. My Impressions click-through rate is ranging from 8 to 16% for most videos. The Average YouTube creators videos are having 2 to 10% CTR.

7. I do not use fancy/expensive camera or professional lighting - all videos are talking head style.
Content is the king. But I was having a full-time job and this made me have a bit tight with time. So, what I created was the best to be done at that time.

8. YouTube is a marathon, not a sprint. Patience and consistency are the keys to success.. I watched competitors but didn’t compare myself with others. I started at the same time with some YouTubers and they had more views and subs. After all these years they couldn’t stay consistent and I outranked whether their views or subscribers.

9. YouTube channel growth is exponential and not linear. This means that after a while, some of the videos can catch up and rides the YouTube’s algorithm and the channel will grow.

10. I totally ignored the Internet trolls; I don’t have time to reply to negative comments.

11. I was developing my video editing skills and there is a huge difference between the first videos and the most recent ones.

12. I created all kinds of videos to see which one will perform better like green screen videos, whiteboard animation and the vlogs.

13. I have enrolled in ALL professional YouTube courses since 2014. Anything related to YouTube I have read it or watched it. That helped me to build a solid video marketing strategy.

14. My Content took nearly 900 hours of searching for good topics, recording, video editing, & SEO. I have excellent time management skills and I have never missed any of my weekly video for 4 years in a row.

❓ If you have any questions, feel free to ask.