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Jun 6, 2015
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My experience with Fullscreen has not been very good. I'm going to try to be fair, but also I want to get some points across that I try to force into people now that I've had to deal with the issues I've been presented. Also, I'm going to do my best to not disclose any personal information. Alright, let the review begin!

My biggest issue is with the contract. Fullscreen Media is very open to negotiating the contract to make you happy, but the downside to that is desperation. It became apparent that the only reason the MCN is willing to work with people is because all they really want is your signature and control of your channel(s). I have confronted the Support team many times over indiscretions I've found within my contract. There are statements and claims that are purposely false to entice weak minded people into signing the contract. I've contacted a personal legal team about the falsified contract and I was informed that Fullscreen Media is not technically liable because they don't include certain words and do include phrases that relieves them of responsibility. To sum it up, Fullscreen Media's contracts have blatant lies in them but the legal team behind Fullscreen Media has been able to get away with the lies by carefully wording and phrasing their statements. It is a very shady practice and I can't trust Fullscreen Media but they already own my channel and content.

I know some people on this forum will point the finger at me for not asking about more information on the lies I have been talking about, but after reading the contract twice and having multiple people read over the contract and nobody raising any red flags while going over the contract I felt it was a solid contract.

The Support team is mostly automated. Fullscreen Media has a "Knowledge Base" but the "Knowledge" is all based around how to get paid from the MCN and not information that is actually useful. The Support team has told me to check the "Knowledge Base" on every topic I've brought up to them. It usually takes three emails before I can talk to someone and get information, but even then the Support team is very rude and will only answer with one word responses.

The MCN has a forum on their website, but going there is like going to a playground filled with annoying, bratty kids that won't shut up. There is no moderation to the forums, it is a free for all. If you go there and ask questions about Fullscreen Media you will not get any real answers. Once in a while a "Fullscreen Member" will leave a reply to a thread and the reply will be cryptic or just beat around bush instead of giving any information. The forums are so cluttered with unanswered questions, threads bad mouthing Fullscreen Media, people seeking collaborations, shameless self-promotion, and nothing of any substance. According to a thread posted on one of the forums where the OP asked how old people are, it seems Fullscreen Media is quite literally filled with 13 year old kids and people under the age of 18 years old which I find to be straight bulls@#. It shows that Fullscreen Media preys on people that shouldn't be making decisions on their own yet, but I bet you more than half of the members under 18 didn't consult with an adult or an entire legal team before signing. It is sickening what Fullscreen Media does.

On top of the forums, there are groups. The best way to sum up the groups is that they are just sub4sub and like4like. In order to join a group you have to subscriber to everyone else in the group and auto-like everyone's videos when they share them. Seriously. Fullscreen Media promotes sub4sub.

As far as the special features goes, we get the usual sponsored websites to get royalty-free music/audio and images but after checking out every app that Fullscreen Media provides I've come to the conclusion that most are useless. I can't legally go into detail about what Fullscreen Media provides, even though I shouldn't be legally bound to a shady corporation like Fullscreen Media since they lie in their contracts and prey on children.

You can use an app to find people to collab with but more than half of the people are inactive users. I've tried the darn thing countless times and it doesn't update the user base so every channel that is similar to mine is inactive. Might as well remove the feature for all I'm concerned.

The only upside to the MCN are the blogs. The blogs can provide good insight to growing your channel or marketing your brand and how to use social media properly.

If you have over 100,000 subscribers then the experience is different. I had a chance to interview a YouTuber with nearly 350,000 subscribers who claimed that Fullscreen Media wasn't the Devil but still wasn't worth their time or effort.

Support Rating: -10/10
Features Rating: 2/10
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