The Current International Space Station is Retiring What Comes Next? - Deep Space Gateway


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May 5, 2018
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Launched in 1998 and costing over $150 billion dollars, the current international space station is currently on the docket to retire in 2028, as a result, lasting 30 years. Will there be a space station after the current one retires? Although no official insight to whether the Deep Space Gateway, also known as the Lunar Orbital-Platform Gateway will directly succeed the current ISS. It is expected to be built and launched all throughout the 2020’s, catching a ride on NASA’s upcoming gigantic SLS (Space Launch System) which is also slated to begin testing in 2019-2020. Rather than orbiting the Earth like the ISS, the Deep Space Gateway will be orbiting our moon. Ideally LOP-G will be consistently crewed by at least 4 astronauts all the time. The crew onboard the Deep Space Gateway (LOP-G) will participate in a multitude of Deep space exploration and commercial activites within the vicinity of Earths Moon. As the International space station and most big developments in space need to be built piece by piece, the Deep Space Gateway is no exception. The Deep Space Gateway will be built over a short amount of time as each module is sent up, Modules such as the power and propulsion, gateway airlock, logistics etc. will slowly yet surely be sent, and make it up to the rendezvous point in order to build this new space station.