The Bored Miners need an outro graphic!


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Hey everyone, Sergeantmolt, channel manager here, and I'm posting a request for some video graphics that we could use.
We are a relatively small channel, but we are striving to become bigger, and to do that, it seems that we need everything that the huge Youtubers have: A custom avatar, background, etc.
We currently have someone working on our avatar, and our background is good enough for now, but what I think we need is something that we can use in the end of all of our videos, like the Yogscast's ending graphic.
It would be great if we could get someone who would design custom graphics for us on a regular basis, and as a part of our channel, but frankly, just providing this would be an amazing favor for us.
As for the details on the graphic, please message us about it/ask through replying to this topic.
Thank you all for reading this message :)
Signing out for now,
-Sergeantmolt, Bored Miner