Gaming Tarreria collaberation (need 2 people)


yttalk skitinator
Basically me and my other you tube buddy would like to collaberate a terreria group together for some fun mayhem. This will be a very long series going for as long as we want. (till you get bored of playing with us or what eves ha ha)

So If you are interested here are the rules:
-You have to be over 16.
-Sub and view count must be over 2k... just kidding My buddy has 4 subs and I have 35 so don't worry about subs and views lol. you must have 1 sub and 1 view! 0_0
-You must have a mic and be engaging. BE EXCITING AND WEIRD!
-You should have teamspeak or steam account. For talking and the such.

That's it, Then you can upload what ever content you want, how you want, call it what you want do what ever you want. Basically we just want more people to play with, and other youtubers to feature seems like a good idea. You also get a spot on the side of my channel as people I play with. :D

So if you pass all of the criteria above then leave a message below showing your interest and I will check out your you tube videos to see if we want ya :D I bet we will!
I'm a bit interested; I love terraria and I've played it for quite some time. I just have a few questions. What days would you find best? I've got quite a fixed schedule but I have plenty of time. If we plan it well I should be able to give alot of time to play.. I also already have alot of videos to upload still so I probably won't record much if any of our adventure (Maybe boss fights and such), if I join is that alright? I'll still nonetheless do my best to channel some viewers your way. If you have any questions please ask, and if you don't want me to join then please consider some of the people I have featured on my channel (JuicyHippoTime would be the best person: I do believe he already owns Terraria and he's played it a lot! So if you don't like me, check him out)
Anyway, the best series to get a good rundown of how I work with others would probably be the MouseTrap Avoidance on my channel, so I'd recommend watching those to get the best understanding of how I play... or check out recent Extra Life episodes. The former is me teaching how to play minecraft and the later is a 24 hour marathon I did.
Anyway get back to me whenever, I should be back in a few hours today after class to reply.
Their are boss fights? 0_0 This game is more intense then I thought lol. I have never played the game :/ lol. Ya we could use ya :D You seem pretty chill. It will mostly be weekends when my buddy likes to record. But if we get enough peeps it's usually just who ever is on when someone wants to play lol.
If you want, I'm here too :3
I've got the game, haven't really played much and my steam name is Xflasher ( )
im here for ya, i have all time tomorrow, timezone is west europe. i have a teamspeak, didnt use it in a very long time but i gues i can get it to work again :p
I would be up for it, I own Terraria and more people the better :D haha add me my steam dat_lizard if your still looking for people