Talk Show Hosts needed (Livestream on YouTube)


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Hello Everyone,

Our Network is searching for entertaining and enthusiastic individuals that can show their passion in the form of videos to host a talk show on our main channel.

The Show name, Topics, etc.. is completely up to your preference.
All we ask is that is a based off a model that will work well LIVE.

We have Livestreaming enabled on YouTube (as a Tier 3 Partner), meaning we can host great live events directly to our Channel (not using Google Hangout or other direct links).

If interested, please reply below with your experience on YouTube, your age (sorry, no young teenagers will be accepted) and why you'd be interested in joining.

At that point we can work out more details ;)
Hey Im Quinn I am a 20 years old and a sophmore in college. im interested I dont really have experience nor do I have a youtube channel im actually going to create a vlog starting january2013 I have a really good attitude and am a quick learner. I would llove to have this job because this is something I am really passionate about I am a mass comm major. I have a perfect idea for the show if youre interested as I am you can email me at mayes567 at gmail