Taking my Let's Plays more serious


I've Got It
So I'm taking my Let's Plays more serious and developed some templates for the thumbnails in PhotoShop, the FCPX Project with intro and containers, and exporting/compression presets.

I even made a template for a "coming up next" to play at the end and offer a subscription button for use with an annotation.

I think they will look really good now. I'm starting off with God of War Ascension and will and other games that we're also playing since the templates will make it so much easier.

Kinda thinking about going back to some of my old playthroughs just to make them look uniform.

But anyway, what do you guys think is the best format for the Playlists of Let's Plays, having one Let's Play playlist or individual games Let's Play playlist? I get one for each game is more organized, but is there a greater benefit maybe to keeping them all in one place?
For a moment I thought you meant literally serious, I was gonna come in saying just enjoy the video's :p

But I think you have alot of solid ideas. I separate my content into playlists too if they have a to be continued vibe to them.
I would say it is better to divide them up into the different games you can play. It would be more organised that way. :) YouTube may even mess up when you add videos to a single playlist, they don't exactly work on a order sometimes lol.
Good idea with adding all those features in, I'd say separate the Let's Plays into playlists so someone can watch the entire series in a row. It will also work well with the new OneChannel layout :D
Having a different playlist for each series, whether its minecraft or call of duty. It makes it easier if you have missed an episode in a series, and want to go back and watch it, makes it a whole lot easier to find without getting frustrated :)
Dirrefent playlist for each game series...BTW, great ideas. And I'm looking forward to seeing GOW Ascension on your channel.
Ok, cool. Will do then. Yeah, SilentRich, I see how it can sound confusing. I'm just trying to make it look better and more appealing to I can make it big! LOL!
I would just put them into a Playlist if you're doing a full Playthrough or Series of that game. I'm gonna check out your channel
I have to add, I'm glad I got this done though. It took me all morning to get the templates done and setup the presets, but I think I'm set. I already have a hour and a half of footage so I'm gonna end up being able to put 1-4 (or 5) up in no time! Then play some more tonight and just drop it in! Yippee! Yay,me!