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Jan 24, 2017
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I have watched your video and I have checked out your channel and I want to highlight some of the good stuff you are already doing before I offer some suggestions;

  • You have some great graphics and good looking thumbnails (eye catching and decent quality)
  • You accent is a great asset, I would use it more and make it funny
  • Some of the opening edits you do to video are great, like the Season 1 video.. different pictures appearing when you say the words (see it in other videos too) -- I would try and make them a little more funny and outlandish (this is up to you)
Things I Would Change
  • I would try using more clickable video titles (names of video) - a lot of the videos on the channel don't have searchable titles.. when I say searchable I mean, they aren't titles that people are searching for like "How To", "New DLC", "Get x Kills" (food for thought)
  • The video you posted above and other videos, have a decent enough start but then they slow down -- this video for example, you don't get into any action until after 3 minutes.. I would have taken/used less time on the load out
  • I would make some of these videos shorter, more action packed, and funny (if you want that) - short kill cams and epic multi kills maybe
  • I have seen in some of the other videos you leave in bits where you have been killed or you miss shots -- this is purely subjective but I would only leave a clip where you are killed in the video.. if you make it funny or joke about it... (this is purely up to you) - I would want the viewers to think I am invincible
  • I would add some audio to the video, even if it is low volume
  • There are some bits in the above video where you are not talking and there is no action, unless the clip is essential to tell the story or make a joke I would crop it out
All of the above are just suggestions and stuff that I would do, it is purely up to you and if you have a certain plan for your videos then stick to it and learn as you go :)

Hope this helps in some way :)

Make sure you check out other peoples threads and review their videos, it is how we all get better and grow!
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Jan 12, 2020
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Hey Dude :) Just watched your newest video. Here is some comments on it:

First of all, I think that you have a good foundation:
  • I like your voice
  • You are having a fast paced video editing (which i prefer)
  • You are using sound effects here and there
  • You are using some hype music, which I think suits this style of video
  • I liked that you made a little preview/teaser in the beginning.
  • I also liked your outro, and outro screen.
However, there are some things that I think you could Improve on:
  • In general, I think the music is a bit too high, and your voice a bit too low. I would properly reverse that ;)
  • Staying on the topic of voice, I feel like you could look into ways to make your voice audio sound a bit better. I use Audacity which is free, and there are many great guides online to how you can use Audacity to make your voice sound more crisp.
  • As i said, I like the intro, but I think the music could have been timed better. Basically at 0:11, the music stops right before what sounds like the drop. For me, that was a bit anticlimactic.
  • I think the music break at 2:15 happens a bit too soon. As i see it, the intention is to stop it as you die, but it stops 0.5 second or so before your death. Having it timed exactly on your death would have been cool
  • I also think the music break from 3:58 to 4:08 felt a bit flat. I liked the timing of the break at 3:58, but I think the transition into the new track could have been done in a timed manner as well.
  • From a gaming perspective, It seems to me like you stay at the same spot for the most of the game. For me, that became a bit repetitive. I would have preferred you explored the map a bit more. However, I haven't played the COD game you are playing, so that might not be a viable strategy. If that is the case, I think you could explore gamemodes where the surroundings change a bit more.

Thanks for the watch!
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