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A land trust is legal entity that can be used for creative real estate investing. To keep it simple for our purposes, a land trust allows a property owner to anonymously maintain all rights and continue to make decisions over a property. While your name won’t appear on the trust itself, you’ll be able to maintain full control over the property regardless. The only name that will appear is the trustee’s; this is useful for a few reasons. For one, it makes passing the property to your heirs in event of your passing a much easier process. But the main benefit of land trusts is the privacy it brings. Since your name won’t appear on the title, it becomes much harder for anyone to try and chase your wealth. You can think of it like a form of indirect protection, kind of like camouflage. And for creative real estate investors, one of the other primary reasons to use a land trust is to prevent the lender from invoking the due-on-sale clause on their subject to transaction.

Timestamps: 1:02 - what is a land trust agreement? 1:28 - who owns the property rights in a land trust 1:49 - passing on property ownership with a land trust 2:25 - the main draw of land trusts 3:00 - how they protect your assets 3:11 - how land trusts are helpful to creative real estate investors 3:40 - protecting yourself from the due-on-sale clause 4:20 - the importance of consulting attorneys when using land trusts 4:50 - how transactions look when dealing with land trusts