Stolen video, privacy and abuse words: YouTube does nothing!


A fake Youtube account (only 1 subscriber, probably himself) has stolen one of our videos which we had deleted in the past. He even abuses in this video.

This is the timeline of the events:
1)On April 24 we submitted a security complaint. That was wrong from my part as it was rejected (no personal details like address, telephone etc. was shown). The same day and the day after we submitted a privacy complaint. We never took answer. YouTube has a "cooldown" for the procedure I guess.

2)On April 27 we submitted a Privacy complaint because one of us appears in this video. On the next day (April 28) I got an email from which told us that it has notified the uploader to edit the video or take it down, and that it was about to be taken down "Within 48 hours". 6 days have passed and the video is still up!

3)Since the Copyright complaint links are not currently working, we have even sent email to for copyright claim, privacy complaint and even abuse/swear because the user even abuses us in this video using Annotations (only words, without his face appearing!) 12 hours have passed, no answer. And I still doubt we are going to get an answer!

4)As being one of the first channels in our country, we have even contacted specific people in Google UK through email and telephone. All of them told us that we should follow the procedure!

So I wonder, what are those guys doing? They use bots to reply in their emails? They have no idea that they have totally FAILED in protecting our privacy and copyrights? That's a total non-sense and even worse I can't contact Google with telephone, like I did with -example- Yahoo when I had an issue loggin in with my email (which was solved). They act like Facebook. They don't even care about your privacy and copyright! All they care is blocking p**n content and everything else is acceptable!

Iam really p****d of this situation. I work as a professional journalist for 10 years, I have more than 25.000 subscribers and that was the WORST treatment I ever had!

What p****d me off also, is that when two other similar videos of mine had been uploaded last year, YouTube notified the uploader within 48 hours, took them down, then blocked these guys monetisation for 6 months. So have they changed their policy and are now more polite to scammers? Or just their system doesn't work?

If someone from Google is reading this, I would be glad to hear their reply on this! Even better through telephone because Iam quite sure that I will never find a solution through email!