Socialblade (YTPartner)


I've Got It
Hi everyone,

Last month I was invited to be partnered with a network, and also approved to join a network I applied for. However, I wasn't too happy with the contracts and chose to wait it out a bit. That said, the other day, on my SocialBlade page, I noticed next to my username was the YTPartner and am concerned about a couple of things.

Just to be clear, the YTPartner next to someone's channel name on Socialblade does not show unless you are a full partner; those who have monetized one video and are considered a partner in Youtube's eyes do not get the distinction.

My concern:

I never signed a contract with anyone, so I am not worrying about being "locked" into anything I don't want to. I am a bit worried that when/if I decide to partner with a network that I might have some difficulties if I'm in another network's registry.

My Adsense hasn't been disabled, which is a good thing. I know that Youtube sends an email asking for verification that (on good terms) I would like to terminate my Adsense account, which I didn't get or verify! But I still worry! Hell, it's all automated so I do think I have reason to be concerned!

Anyway, I've emailed the two networks and have yet to receive a reply. This is odd, but understandable, I suppose. Until they do respond, anyone have any idea what is going on?
When I became partner dude I had to authorize the release of my channel from YouTube and grant access to the network that picked me up. I don't even have adsense on my channel. The only reason I think you wouldn't do that if YouTube directly made you a partner. Do you have the banner options under your channel settings? I would contact all the networks that offered you a contract. I would also contact Social Blade and YouTube (to find out if its a glitch)...and Congrats? I guess lol.