SMASH 4 Funny Moments [FOR GLORY] - Is This Real? ┬─┬ ︵ /(.□. \)


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Hey everybody comin' "Right Back At Ya!" with some More SUPER SMASH!!! I've been playing smash 4 ALOT recently and I believe that it's time to get online for some For Glory. I main Kirby (The "Right Back At Ya!" probably hinted at that =P) and I think I've gotten pretty good honestly. Hopefully I can go against real life opponents without having to flip my Wii U upside-down. Kirby is an amazing character in my opinion and I think I can go pretty far with him, I still have predictability problems as well as panicking when I fight real people sometimes but I HAVE A CHANCE!

But yea, this is a rage compilation....or funny moments video because of my suffering XD
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