SHOUT OUT -Tubers (Spammers in your comment section)

Are Shout-Out Channels a negative thing for YouTube?

  • Yes, most of them are spammers

    Votes: 5 83.3%
  • No, It might help smaller YouTubers grow

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  • It could go either way

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Hey guys, and girls.
So I assume that most of you, reading this have had the "joy" to see their comment sections fill up with "Shout-Out" Tubers.
For those who don't know who they are, let me quickly explain.
Shout-Out-Tubers are mainly young people, who have to rely on others, to work their channel.
A typical Shout-Out-Tuber comment will look like this:
"Hey GUY! I love your video, subscribe to my channel and like & comment and you might win a shout out! 200+ SUBSCRIBERS JUST FOR YOU!"

Not only are these "Creators" annoying, they actually are succesful in some way.
"WHAT?" You may say. Well, some of them have around 20k-50k SUBSCRIBERS! (The ones that hit my channel, have a lot more subscribers than I have)
And it does make you think.
You, might be working hard to make funny videos, that you LOVE! And you might struggle, and then you have some "Twitchy" kid, make "Shout-Out" videos, and gains a lot of traffic.

I'd say they are SMART. Because, a lot of Creators who are small, really want to do everything they can to grow their channel, and these people go to those channels in hopes of getting a shout out.
But here comes the part, that I call those Shout-Out-Tubers smart.
They also make other content on the side, which also get pushed in the algorithm, because the first traffic are those who seek a shout-out > Videos get pushed and other people see that > They see the channel has a lot of subscribers and views so they automatically assume it's good and subscribe > Now the shout-out channel is getting bigger, and more creators think those shout-out channels really work > repeat.

Is this content that YOU think is okay? IS this a new format of doing YouTube? Or is it just as 'despicable' as "Reaction Channels"?
Let me know what YOU think. I feel like, we should all talk about our opinions on this topic, which is becoming a bigger issue.
Channels that organically grow are far more respected than those who harvest ghost subscribers.

When people create shout-out series' that are solely for self-gain, they are a bad thing for YouTube.

If people sincerely shout-out small YouTubers for the pure purpose of shared exposure, they are a good thing for YouTube.
How can anyone think this is sustainable? Those thousands of subs are not viewing their channel.You can have million subs, but if none of them is watching your content, you get 0 views. views = money, not subs. Just ignore it, they wont get far with that. I think?
I 100% agree that it is not sustainable. Views = Money. Subscriber count is only important in the following situations in my humble opinion.
1) brag to friends/ strangers
2) get brand sponsorship/ free products to review
3) get better partnership/ collaboration (either with brands, or larger fan count Youtubers)
4) to look good...

It's entirely understandable that you are upset about those shoutout-tubers because they pretty much cheated their way up. High-five! But in reality, they are not gaining much, and you are definitely not the only one who is annoyed with those shoutout-tubers. The majority of content creators hate those a-holes, and want them out of the community. Let's focus on creating quality videos and growing our channels organically, and sooner or later, those little shoutout-tubers will crawl their way out of the platform. :p