Revenue Sharing

Dave Pollack

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Hey everyone!

I have a cover video scheduled to go live tomorrow, and there is a copyright claim on the video that says "You are sharing revenue with the artists who created the music in your video" and "This video was found to contain copyrighted material. It is being monetized but revenue is being shared with the copyright owner."

I'm just curious - will there be a split in the ad revenue for both the copyright owner and me, or will 100% of it (not talking about the cut YouTube takes) go to them?

Thanks in advance!
Well I did some reading, and it looks like I'll be paid on a "pro rata" basis. It says the claim is for 30% of my video, so I'm assuming (by their wording) that I'll receive roughly 70% of the ad revenue (of what I would normally get paid, once again not talking about YouTube's share).
You think you have a pro-rata regarding the length of the video?
Becouse I can put a 3 minute song at the beginning of a 30 minutes video and I will not get 90%, I will get 20% (of the 55% split with YouTube)