Relaunching Vote for the Girls channel in 2022


Ava Zinn
Dec 16, 2020
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Van Buren/Fort Wayne, IN
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Hello everyone, so I've run #VoteForTheGirls since April 28, 2010 and planning to relaunch the channel in 2022.

Additionally, after reviewing the ChannelReview's assessment and discussing the video with my staff (moderators/villains), it does appear that I will need to invest heavily in upgraded equipment like a better camera, lighting, and to a lesser extent, an external TV card.

Yet as far as the format of the full episode for the potential relaunch would be for the live shows would be Performances (which are never shown on Vote for the Girls), the Moderators' Challenge, and Results.
I am going to produce a few pilots for the "Vote for the Girls" reboot. I am looking for female, transgender female, male and transmale moderators for both the channel and the forums.

Requirements (on the video)-
-Above all, a clean criminal record
-Females and transgender females must vote for the female contestants (Females are on the Pink Team and Transfemales are on the Purple Team)
-Males and transgender males must vote for the male contestants (Males are on the Blue Team and Transmales are on the Red Team)
-Teams are assigned based on location
-Work well with others
- Have good mic and camera
-Have Zoom (I'll provide the link to the zoom meeting)
-A Valid email address (for Zoom meetings and for the Vote for the Girls message boards)
-Must be 21 years of age as of January 4, 2021. This means you must be born on or before January 4, 2000.
If you are interested in joining our “Team” PM me and I will send you the link to the application.

Good luck.