Received a notification for using the copyright song


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Hi everyone,

I am new here and also new in youtube i just create a new channel and video is about shoes collection,

I am facing a issue that I use a theme from wondershare filmora with the song name Everything (Instrumental)-26934, when i upload this video then i receive a notification from youtube that you are using a copyright audio and Copyright owners: AdRev for Rights Holder. now what should i do as i download this song from wondershare filmora.

Please need help about this as i upload 4 video and receive same 4 copyright claims.
Read the rights granted by Filmora. You may have the right to use the song, but not have the right to monetize it.

So far any claim from AdRev that I disputed was dropped because AdRev did not respond in time. They may or may not be making bogus claims, but they sure seem scammy.
Like the person said above you might not be able to monetize it. Make sure when you’re downloading music that you read your rights of using that song.