questions about outros


I create stick man animations!!!
Here's my questions on outros:
•what is an example of an outro
•how do outros help build your channel
•how would you make a good one?
•do you use outros?
An outro is like an intro only at the end its usually the last thing your audience sees so it can be handy to use it either as some flashy and cool or like i do a outro menu.

Not sure if they are vital in making a good channel but they our handy to use

Make it similar to your intro or in a menu style for like social media info or something like that

i use a outro that's a menu as u can see below in my signature video i usually put my previous video there and something else there to but ya
Ive made a vid for my first outro on my channel :D Ya can check it out on my channel to see what it looks like ;) Just go to browse vids and it should be right there ;)

A outro is just a thingy that promotes your other videos on yer channel :D Like for example some1 watches your whole vid and then he sees the outro and the end of the vid ;) If he likes your videos then the viewer will more likely check yer channel for more vids ;) In short, a outro just advertises other vids that yu have on yer channel ;) That way yu get a lill extra views wich can also lead to more traffic on your channel :D And thats also exactly what we want :D Right!?!?!? XD

Ive made my outro with sony vegas 11 pro and ph0toshop ;) Yu make a design for your outro in photoshop and then yu put in sony vegas ;) In sony vegas yu can crop videos and put in yer outro ;) There is a rlly good tutorial on YT that tells ye how to make a outro :D Since i cant post links here, i can still give ye the guys username :D Concersion is his name and he makes some rlly good tutorials ;)

And yes :D Myself i do use outros :D I think they give a pretty good transition in myself ending a video :D I also think its better then outros ;) Bcoz in the beginning of the vid yu can better get straight to the point :D Looks nicer PLUS yu have to catch the viewers attention in a few secs xD (5 - 10 secs) Unless yu can make a super awesome mindblowing intro i dont rlly recommend ya doing it :( But its what yu prefer man :D Hope this helped :D:D:D