PS4 Live Streaming: How Do PSN Comments and YouTube Comments Work?

Kevin Muldoon

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I did my first YouTube streams from my PS4 YouTube channel yesterday. One in the afternoon, one later at night.

Everything went really well. I had no problems with my camera or the new Blue Yeti microphone I picked up for it.

In my first stream I displayed the comments and my message on the screen at the bottom. In my second stream I removed these and only displayed my webcam. I then checked messages via my tablet.

From a gaming point of view, displaying comments on screen makes the most sense as it means I can focus on the game and easily interact with anyone who leaves a comment. Additionally, when you remove the overlay from the stream the webcam can really get in the way of actually playing the game as it displays over items etc.

From a viewer's point of view, it is probably more fun for them to watch me play without having the game screen reduced. So I'll probably opt for the latter option because of this.

I really hope Sony introduce an option to display the overlay and comments to me but not to others. I'm surprised they haven't done so already.

How Do PS4 Streaming Comments Work?

My main question is more in regards to comments. I think I know how it works, but I'm not sure.

I had discussions with viewers whilst I was streaming. I had initially assumed that these comments would have displayed under my video on YouTube afterwards, but they did not. This makes sense as the comments were coming from playstation users, not YouTube users.

I was watching some people stream on YouTube today from the Sony PS4 and noticed that they had lots of comments via YouTube.

Am I right in saying that a gamer who is receiving lots of comments from their live stream on YouTube is also receiving a second string of comments from playstation users? If so, that means they need to manage two different streams of comments whilst playing. How can they handle that? Are they just ignoring one particular stream of comments?

I think it's better not to display comments in my video stream as it means afterwards people can enjoy the video more and see the game in full screen, however there is a good argument to be made that they should be displayed in the streamed video so that others can see who I am interacting with. As it stands, on YouTube my streamed videos shows me interacting with people in the video but the comments from those people are nowhere to be seen.

I'd love to hear from PS4 streamers on this. Am I 100% right on how all of this works?

I realise that I can manage things better by streaming using OBS etc, but from a setup point of view, it is easier (read: lazier) to just do it directly using the PS4.

So taking that into consideration, what do you think is the best configuration for streaming games with your webcam directly through the PS4?

Thanks :)

It's a guide called A Short Guide to Streaming from your PS4. It tell you the basic of getting comment and what you need to do with OBS
It's a guide called A Short Guide to Streaming from your PS4. It tell you the basic of getting comment and what you need to do with OBS
Don't think you read my full post. I know how to stream via OBS. My questions were related to streaming directly through the PS4

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PS. I appreciate you responding to my post. Just don't think you read everything I wrote.

I'm primarily looking for what everyone considers the best setup for directly streaming via the PS4.

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You still haven't read my post haha. Did you just look at the title and respond? :)

If you look at my channel you can see that I am already streaming videos. Everything is setup ok. It's self explanatory for the most part.

What I was looking for was opinions from other streamers and gamers as to which setup they think is best from a viewing point of view and from a production point of view.