Gaming PS4 GTA Youtubers (15-18)


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Hey mate, I'm an Australian Gaming Youtuber looking for a few people to add to our group. My friends in the group are NotSpecial, The Gamerzo, and ClownPRINCEofG. Feel free to check em out. Anyways, we want at least 2 more people to join our group to add more into our shenanigans we get into on GTA. But to join you have to reach these requirements

1. Have a good mic (Blue Snowball is perfect for PS4)

2. Be at least somewhat good with your editing

3. Have a good sense of humour

4. Be 15-18 year old, want the group to stay mature

5. Upload at least once or twice a week

6. Have 100+ Subscribers

7. Be able to get online at 5PM (Darwin Time Zone)

Anyways those are all the requirements, if you reach them and want to join, feel free to add me on PSN: Trigtone16