Principles of correct argumentation in the dissertation


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Aug 23, 2022
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Write either in the so-called author's set (1st person plural) or classically in the 1st person singular - which is more suitable for a smaller text, such as a seminar work.
Then strictly observe the chosen grammatical person throughout the text! In your work, give facts, not just assumptions, as the author of essay recommends. Provide carefully verified information, confirmed by serious scientific literature (citations). Use industry terminology to increase your text's expertise - before that, check the exact meaning of the term in the dictionary of foreign words!

Spelling and typos, awkward wording and other formal flaws always harm the quality, and therefore the evaluation of your dissertation! Don't forget to unify the font, its size, spacing and alignment. Use standard fonts (Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri) size 12 with line spacing 1.5.

Don't underestimate spelling—better take The Rules of English Spelling, The Dictionary of the English Literary Language for Schools and the Public, and The New Academic Dictionary of Foreign Words. If going to the library is expensive for you, at least check out the Internet Language Guide.

The concept of authorship
The law on copyright and the protection of artistic or scientific works as the results of creative activity is closely related to the concept of authorship. For term papers, they are also severely punished for plagiarism, up to and including exclusion from the course. Therefore, consistently quote verbatim passages from the literature and do not forget to include the title, author, and other information.