Vlog Potential Melbournian vlogger friends ahoy!


Awkward Geek Extraordinaire
Hi guys, my name is Sam, I've been vlogging for a few years, though I've only recently been taking the whole thing seriously (ok maybe not that seriously, It's pretty fun and I am also immature at times).
Though I've only done it once, I really like vlogging with other people. There's banter, There's jokes, There's diverse opinions and so on.
Sadly, I'm the only person in my circle of friends that is on YouTube, so it's doing so is awkward, if they let me that is. And so, here I am on YTTalk to meet other who share this hobby.

I live in about half an hour south of Melbourne, and basically I just want to collab in some way and friends and rainbows yay. Kinda like a "hey do you want to do this?" every so often.

So yeah that was a long description, hope someone replies bye
Hi there Sam, im a Melbournian youtuber aswell. Ive been making videos for about over 2 years although im 15 so im not sure if we'd get along but hey! it only takes a bit of effort and friendliness to get along. If you're keen to have another youtuber from melbourne to be friends to possible have a collaboration with then im here.