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Aug 31, 2011
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If you are considering writing an article or posting a resource please make sure to read this thread to get yours approved as fast as possible, if your thread does not meet the guidelines set out here it will not become approved.


1) If you are posting a video, it must have the equivalent information in text to accompany it.

2) All resources must be uploaded as an attachment to your thread for example a PDF ebook or a Sony Vegas template. Where this is not possible due to filesize you can optionally link to your download directly using a file hosting website.

3) All resources/articles must be your own work, please do not submit copied and pasted content.

4) Articles may not contain any form of promotion/solicitations.

5) Your article/resource may not contain referral links/shortened URLs.

Anything which isnt an article or resource may be deleted or moved to an appropriate forum.

Examples of What You Can Share Here
  • YouTube Usage Tips
  • YouTube Growth Tips
  • YouTube Tutorials and How tos
  • Video resource files such as vegas intro files, ae custom effects, presets etc
  • YouTube Related Guidance
These are only a few examples of what you can share at YTtalk.

Thanks for reading :)
Not open for further replies.