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Aug 31, 2011
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Threads that do not follow the rules will be deleted.

Posting a Request Thread

General Thread Rules & Requirements

The only services that can be requested within this forum are:
  • YouTube channel related graphics (thumbnails, banners and logos)
  • Custom intro video creation services
  • Custom outro video creation services
  • Small musical pieces services
All other services are not permitted here.

  • Payment: Requests must detail any payment offerings for example if you want one for free you must state so within your thread and if you are offering YTtalk cash or real money or another offering in return for the graphics you must state so.
  • Details: Requests must detail as much as possible to allow those looking to fulfil requests have an easy time understanding what you are looking for.

  • Exchanges: Subscribing, liking videos and any other channel related promotion may not be exchanged for your request with exceptions to shout outs and link credit.
  • No duplicate threads: If nobody replies, it means nobody is interested in doing this for you. Do NOT start another thread.


If you don't have real money to pay with but have YTtalk forum cash to offer for someone making you channel art etc it is always more enticing for others to do one for you. Forum cash is earned whilst posting around the forums, please ensure you have the right cash amount before posting a request offering.

If you are paying with money for your graphics then you may do so at your own risk, YTtalk staff will not become involved in any dealings and are not liable for any money lost through such dealings. Please exercise common sense before paying for any services by checking the services thread owners previous feedback within their services thread and checking whether they are integrated into the community well or not.

Using PayPal is a great way to ensure you have some level of protection from not receiving your digital goods.

Ensure you have proper virus protection on your computer when exchanging files.

If you have an issue in any dealing please try to contact the seller and give them time to respond to work things out together and if you notice repeat issues with sellers please feel free to report them to us so we can look into it further.

Thanks for reading!
Not open for further replies.