Positives of the new channel design? I can think of two.

Joseph Trimmer

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1. The channel trailer I think is a sweet idea. I already noticed a slight uptick in the rate of new subscribers.
2. With the channel branding (banners) gone and the channel art available to everyone it seems like it levels the playing field for smaller channels because the old branding gave a channel credibility in a way. So people's perceptions of the channel are no longer influenced by branding but by the content.

What do you guys think?
Indeed I have taking a liking to the new layout... as a designer I feel there is more I can do with a banner, even with the small space, instead of working with sides and a huge gap in the middle :L
Love that the banner shows on devices! I also like that you can add a like section to your channel so people can see videos you liked.
I don't think the trailer does anything special to me it's only a smaller version than a featured video from before. Which anyone could have made trailer style. On your second point, it does even the playing field in the sense that everyone channel basically looks the same and everyone gets a few links but other than that I don't think it matters. Say you had a sweet background before, and horrible content someone would only watch once and not tell anyone. I don't see any change in that. You have a sweet banner and someone watches, the content is horrible and they watch only once and doesn't tell anybody. Sorry, I have to disagree with you on both points. :)
I really like it! I just use one of my uploaded videos as a trailer, I' not going to make a trailer... Just going to use one of my uploaded videos, because I like to gave each of them exposure as a non-subscriber visits my channel.
...Still don't like it. I'm dreading the day when YouTube forces me to use it. I honestly couldn't care less about the whole banner thing, as I currently don't have one, and have no plans of getting one anytime soon. :sour2: