Gaming (PC) CS:GO, GMOD, LFD2, WaW (zombies) no sub requirement


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i am posting this for me (and a friend) to find people who would like to record the games mentioned in the title (not all are required, gmod is the most preferable out of all of them) and looking for high energy people, to have fun and be able to take a joke.

requirements -
- 15+ age
- be fluent in english
- uk or near uk timezones
- good quality mic (low to no background noise)
- willing to come on frequently
- decent internet, to be able to smoothly record online games
- curse is preferable but skype is ok

(humour is not recommended for easily distressed people, as it is intentionally harsh towards each other and the world) my aforementioned friends youtube is LvDoesGaming (he doesnt have an acc on this site so im posting this for both of us)
sorry mech, its just we cant set up recording times with people who have quite a difference in timezones, most of the time its just impossible to sort out
I'd be up for it, I have CS:GO and Gmod, my mic's average and my pc isn't exactly tanky though, is that fine?
SoZ, i messaged you through twitch (it was the only way i could figure out how to privately message you XD) with my skype name, if youd like to talk
TheGamingSheep, i messaged you my skype name,
and Vertex, i cant see your channel, is it currently not up? (id like to look at it to see if our styles would match)