No subscribers count on YT channels


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its july 16, 1017 at 1030pm (est), I noticed that on all of my channels, it says "0 subscribers". Anyone else experiencing this? Is it some sort of glitch?
Yep, I've lost all 3 channels, online with Yt support now....

Update: it's a weird glitch, all external links to the channel page are showing grey header, and dashboard sub counts at 0. Yt tech confirms channels are fine on their end, with traffic at previous levels. they will escalate to internal support. I'm also not able to load from a mobile Chrome Browser, and the Yt app is timing out.


Final update: all channels back up. Looks like a temporary glitch. i tried loading a dozen or so other kids channels, same grey screen. I wonder how many heart attacks there were around the world today, almost had one here.
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Had that glitch before, it seems like it´s doing it from time to time!
I also had a glitch that showed every video in the analytics as unidentified, even though the videos are fine in the video manager, and dashboard analytics updated as usual.
It's happening again. The support pages are full of people complaining. Seems more widespread this time (by the amount of posts).

The AI is testing human reaction as it gradually seizes control. Once it becomes self aware, game's over.
I'm guessing there's some sort of change or upgrade coming, since the weirdness seems global and short-lived each time.