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Mar 11, 2012
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Hey guys, me and the other developer of RatedPro have been working on a video all day and its finally finishing up.

The video is basically a Let's Play of the game : Borderlands. But whats different is the fact that it is a dual commentary featuring 2 videos synched together with commentary audio showing two players perspectives in the characters they have chosen.

Rated Prod as The Hunter
RestrainN as The berserker

this allows for two views with different characters in the gameplay, so essentially you are watching two let's plays at one time as it constantly switches from one player to the next. How do you tell if who is who?

I will be creating a title with our XBL GT on them which will change with the video so there is no confusion. Each Ep. will be approx. 15 mins long with a small recap period in future videos on what we have achieved so far

Even if the idea dosent appeal to you, please consider subscribing and viewing the video in it's entirety when i finally get around to editing the audio levels. Even for just the first episode there was a tremendous amount of work and planning that went into it.

The RatedPro Team