Vlog New collab? Looking for members ages 15-19

I posted something a while ago but it kinda back fired lol. Anyway this time I need really dedicated girls and guys to take part in this. Anybody is welcome it doesn matter where your from or anything like that. Im totally open to new ideas, and suggestions.First come first serve and what I mean by thay is if you email me first then your more than welcome to help audition and pick other ppl. Im thinking 8 open spots 4 boys 4 girls :). And you need to keep up with the assignments and emails and whatever else. It doesnt matter if you have no views, subscribers or your new . As long as your interested, motivated, outgoing amd have time to vlog or whatever at least 2-3 times a week then your in :), If your interested pleasee pleasee email asap Spaztasticlover509@gmail.com. You can also dm me on twitter @HeyyBeautiful50 . I might not get back right away but just email your reason on why you want to join :) thank you so much :)