New Channel Critique? (Pokemon Go/Short Films)


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Hey guys! I'd like some critique about the new channel we're starting.

Our Pokemon Go Adventures is a vfx-heavy live action series of short films about our adventures in the game, and oddities that occur in real life as a result. I do struggle with agoraphobia and, while I'm functional, getting out of the house has often been an issue. Pokemon go is helping us deal with that in a way that's fun and very motivating... so I guess this series is basically our Pokemon story, but edited to be a lot more cool.

We just have a trailer up right now, but plan to have the first short uploaded by noon (EST) on Thursday, 7/28/2016. Any critique on ways that we can "set this channel up for success" right from the start would be highly appreciated! We're aiming to do this with as high of a production value as we can manage, because this thing is definitely "my baby", and I want to do everything I can to help make sure it does well!

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Thanks for your time everyone!
Hey - back at you. So, I think the work you've put into the trailer is stunning. The only thing that brought it down for me was the audio quality. In particular near the end. I'd strongly suggest to cut anything with crappy audio, since the rest really looks movie studio quality. I was extremely impressed. Best of luck with it.