Need Opinions and Questions for Technology Discussion

We are currently producing new episodes of our comedy show "Face Rockin'" to be broadcast on Cox 11 and uploaded to YouTube this summer. We are fielding questions and comments for the Q&A segment of the show. This episode's topic is: Technology.

If you have a question and/or comment on the topic, post it here and it could be included with your name/handle in this Face Rockin’ episode in the form of a text graphic. If you post your question or comment here you are giving us permission to use it and your username in the show. If you would prefer to be anonymous, you can say so in your post. Understand that although this episode is being produced with the intent to be broadcast, it is possible that it will not make it to air nor be uploaded online. Also, posting your question/comment here does not mean it will be used for the show.

Here is the topic in a little more detail:

Technology progress everyday, but is it also going nowhere? Every year we get new versions of things we already have (smartphones, smart TVs, etc.) While there are new and interesting innovations out there, it seems like much of our society's focus is on tech that really isn't that groundbreaking anymore. In this episode, we'll discuss the state of technology and shine a light on some of the new groundbreaking technology that's changing the game.

Have you own thoughts on technology in the 21st century? Is there any new or exciting technology that you're excited about? Have a question for us about this topic? Post your question or comment here.

The only requirements are that you keep your questions/comments concise and free of profanity and offensive content.

In most cases, we choose 3-5 questions/comments to appear in the show. All comments will be edited for length. If your post is selected we'll do our best to let you know and when you can watch the episode.

Thanks for participating!
Im a big fan of Ray Kurzweil, and if we are taking his theories into consideration, technology is definitely going somewhere. As the New technology we create is used to make newer and even greater technology. If we look at technology over the last 2000 years, we basically only got somewhere the last 100 years, and in the last 10 years we have gotten further than in the 1990 years before that combined. So i think we will see technology far greater than we ever imagined possible in our lifetime. However i think one of the greatest obstacles we have to overcome, before we have the next major techboom, is the capacity of our affordable household batteries. A lot of exciting research is on the way. And i think that once an affordable battery technology with a massive capacity increase is available , Tech will reach heights unimaginably for us within a few years. I Would be first in line for the "cyborg program" for sure! Go technology !