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This is Kumar from india,I have some doubts 1.Iam from india,am i able to start New Gaming channel in youtube? iam not found any gaming channels from my country mate,so iam asking this question. 2.plse tell me what kind of gaming footage i can upload with out copy right issue? 3.I found some people from this forum saying in some of their post that for them it took 2 to 3 hour for editing 5 to 6min gaming footage. my quest is what kind of editing we need to do in gaming footage like trailor,lets play etc. if somebody post their best edited or effect added video means i will understand easily so plse post your best edited videos. plse reply bros Thanks in advance.
1. Depends on what do you expect from your channel. If you expect partnership directly from youtube,you have to check if it's availible for your country. It's not availible in mine so I don't really care about that,mainly doing it for fun.
2. Almost any kind of gameplay except some cutscenes that have copyrighted songs. I had a problem with SH:Homecoming intro as the cutscene had song that Konami copyrighted,so I had to remove it.
3.Editing as : - if you make a mistake or your video is too long,you can cut it short
- insert transitions
- sync audio and video
- extra effects in videos as you see fit etc,etc

Hope this will help you. ^^