Need guide on my dead youtube channel


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Hello creators.

I am posting here to have the much-needed guidance/advice.

I had a channel, where I was uploading funny videos (1-2 minutes videos). I was getting very good views and sub. I reached to 19k subs in a span of 2 months. The language of the videos was Pashto.

Then I decided to change the nich (type of contents) and started making videos on self-help in another language (Urdu).

Since that change, I have uploaded 30 videos continuously, but my channel is not getting any views nor getting new subscribers. Rather it is losing subscribers day by day.

Now on what I need an advice from the experienced creators is;

Should I go with the existing channel or I should quit with this channel and start a new channel for videos on self held.?

Thanking you in advance
It's better to build an audience that likes your content rather than force or guilt an audience or rather hang on to an audience that does not want to watch your content
If you only care about results then why not go back to what was working before? People unsubbed due to them only caring about your original skits.
But now you want to change your channel type so it means you will need an audience that likes your content because if you keep doing what your current audience is requiring then you won't be doing what you love...just restart your audience if it is that point
I don't understand why you need to change the niche of your channel, you are working good on your existing. Better create a new ytc rather than changing the ranking channel that you have. Go back to your original have more fun and more earning dude!
But that's the point he isn't having fun with the current's better to do what you love and love what you do ...duh
Do the kind of content that you love doing if you want to be genuine and enjoy your work. However, if numbers is what you care about the most, perhaps you should stick to what you were doing before you did the 180.

I have a feeling that people who unsub because you post something different than what attracted them in the first place are the kind of people who only watch one kind of videos on the platform. I remember when some people were unsubbing Caddicarus because he started doing Film Fridays. I always support the Youtubers I subscribe to no matter what they decide to do with their channel. Most Youtubers are not one-dimensional people who do only one thing and I hope you'll find an audience that is going to respect that.
If you dont want to keep doing the same type of content you have done in the past. you could consider selling the channel to a friend or someone you know to keep it going. then start a new channel from scratch. Im sure selling the channel wouldnt be too difficult. many people want to get into youtube.