Need feedback. I review celebrity acting techniques. Think Michele Khare meets Inside the Actors' Studio


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Sep 1, 2012
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Hello! I used to be really active on YTTalk in the early 2010s and I am SO HAPPY to find out that it still exists. :thankgod:

Anyways, I relaunched my channel during quarantine to be about reviewing and trying celebrity acting techniques. Think Michele Khare but instead of stunts, it's acting. I am a little connected in the influencer space and EVERYONE I show my channel to says it's going to blow up...but it hasn't yet. I'd love an objective opinion on my channel. What do you think about my videos? What would you change about it? (The relaunched videos have a blue background, if that helps.) I find YouTube really fun and rewarding during quarantine, so I'd love to get traction on it.

Example video:

Jack Decker

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Feb 11, 2014
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Just some off-the-cuff thoughts.

1) Your slack jaw photo is unappealing. Show photos of you on stage performing and in movies acting. Add a comedy/tragedy mask.

2) Make a trailer video for your channel's homepage that explains to potential subscribers who you are and why we should listen to you. In it, I would address the issue of you being so young and relatively unknown and thinking you can critique other actors and actresses.

3) Get rid of "My Best Friend" off your homepage. Don't ever give people a reason/way to leave your homepage.

4) Pick a niche and focus on just it. Remove all videos that are not about that niche. If you just MUST do different types of videos, make a separate channel for each type.

5) One of the proven ways of growing one's channel is through collaborations. The best type of collaboration is with channels who are in your same niche. You're out in LA. There are likely TONS of actors and actresses with their own YouTube channels. Contact them and suggest a collaboration. But ANY collaboration is better than no collaboration. If it is too different from your niche, simply do what their niche is about on their channel and you have them do what your niche is about on your channel.

6) Just a suggestion. Take it or leave it. But why not make your niche giving YouTubers acting pointers for their channels. Helping them "up their game". Helping them make themselves more engaging and entertaining. I don't mean being fake but more getting them to let their inner voices come out. And also make videos where you critique successful YouTubers from an acting angle and explaining why you think they make great YouTubers. Collaboration videos would then be a snap to do and could blow your channel up big time.

Good luck!
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