Need a new username


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I ran out of idea, so i need your help its for a gaming channel. I need a new one because few days ago i search on youtube vyrox theres already a guy using it. So yeah
I have no idea, but please don't have "Gamer" or "Gaming" in your new username. It's so overused. -_-

what she said. Just know that the most popular gaming channels out there are named Total Biscuit, Yogscast, and Husky Starcraft...just saying.
Yes @_@ coming up with a username is hard. I asked a similar question yesterday maybe some of the replies will spark something for you! :D
Im not sure if Zexon is okay?

Zexon is taken according to the username check that I used just now.

What is wrong with your current username? Do you not like the games part? Just wondering because it is hard to grab an available name.