Need 3 Writers and assistant Director for Minecraft Machinima series and future movies

Vrex Playz

Apr 18, 2020
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Hello everyone, so currently I’m a gaming funny moments channel but, I’m currently trying something new to see if I like it and I decided to do a minecraft Machinima series and future movies. Currently I have actors but I need help with the story, writing scripts, and story board. I need 3 Writers (If you have experience writing story’s or love making your own story’s and wanting them to be told) that would be greatly appreciated. I also need an assistant Director with me so you can help me over see the production of the films.
-Experience is preferred but if you are just starting that’s fine
-Have Minecraft Java Edition
-Work well with others
- Have good mic
-Have discord
-17+ is preferred but will accept 16
If you are interested in joining our “Team” add me on discord Vrex#8346
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