My thoughts on the Next Gen YouTubers.

Just a suggestion :
If YouTube let's Partnership being destroyed make a new deal like EliteShip - You can have the old channel alyout,shops,create own groups . But it would be hard.I would be happy trying to reach that.
Partnerships have changed; I remember when it was so hard for channels to get partnered, but when they did, it was like the greatest honour. But I think that the community will survive as long as people support each other, by doing stuff like shoutouts and collabs and being involved.

I think that there are a crapload of new tubers who are looking to get rich/famous quick and they think partnership=instant fortunes. But the channels where people are being genuine and working hard will still hopefully rise to the top, and get-rich-quick-ers will fall away as they get frustrated by having to actually work and have patience and such.

I get the most satisfaction out of youtube when I view it as a a social network and community, and joining yttalk improved my experience even more, because now I get to know even more people that make videos and work hard to share something that they are proud of. And y'all put up with my stupid questions :p
The "Get Rich Quick" schemes are getting more complicated to, with kids starting there own "networks" to partner there friends or even SELLING them to make a quick buck. I think what YouTube is allowing on there site is going to lead to the eventual downfall of it as well.
Just a suggestion :
If YouTube let's Partnership being destroyed make a new deal like EliteShip - You can have the old channel alyout,shops,create own groups . But it would be hard.I would be happy trying to reach that.
Switching between layouts (2010, 2011, 2012,2013) would be awesome, that is something I would work my a** off for. xD
Well said, I have been on YouTube since the time when it wasn't as popular as it is now, back in the day when they still had 'Google Videos' and things have changed so much, for better or worse? Well I'm not too sure but it'll be interesting to see what comes next.
My quick thoughts on some of the comments above.

YouTubers Not Looking Out for Each Other
I don't know what genre you all are in but I have no problem subbing, tweeting or doing something nice for other channels in my genre or somehow fits with my genre. I don't care if they have 1 sub or 100000 subs.

Also, there are many in my genre who tweet me out, visits my site and says awesome things about me, which sends over subs and viewers. I do the same. I just had a pretty big cooking channel private me on twitter saying she wanted to meet me.

So, I'm just not buying this whole "YouTuber" is no longer a community narrative. Are we not YouTubers here on YTalk? There are several mids to higher level YouTubers on here that come by and offer up help whenever they can. TheGamerFromMars and Wrecklesseating are two that jump into my head.

Making A Living
When people start feeding their families off of this it does changes a little, when you get 200 request a day to shout someone out, it changes a little and I don't begrudge anyone for running their channel anyway they want or for treating it more like a business. This is the real world and when people are trying to make a living it isn't going to be all fun and games and kombaya. Even if they are doing this for fun, once they start making money they have to treat it more like a fun business.

Oh, back in the day just because someone made partnership didn't mean they're stuff was quality. I think that's a myth rolling in nostalgia.

I'm going over this partnership thing in my head, I have a feeling that Networks will be offering a lot of cool things for their members in the future or they won't have members after contracts start to run out. We shall see.

For the Wrong Reasons
Now, this driven by the "wrong reasons" point, who are we to decide what reasons are wrong or right for others? YouTube is a business, they have always been a business, they did not start YouTube so everyone could just post vids and hug each other, even if that's what you want to believe.

Everyone has their own reason for making videos and I think to each his or her own. We have a saying. "Do you" meaning, don't worry about what others are doing and do things your way, finding people who wants to do it your way to and roll with them.

Views makes the money
Last point, so what if almost anyone can be a partner, only people who bring in the views are ever going to make real money, it's always been like that and always will be. :)

I'm not because I think most people are decent, want a sense of community and enjoy helping others and I refuse to take such a jaded look at things.
i know pp through the internet that when they got partnered they stoped talking to me and they started bcuz of me ... and youtube in the past i think was more comunity based driven but now its more about the ads and the revenue ... :(
I agree.
I know people who have a youtube channel JUST to get a partnership to make money and that alone is disheartening. You can't jump into something expecting it all to be perfect and wonderful. It's those people who, if they get to the where they want to be, will just as quickly turn their backs on people they trod on to get to the top.
At least YTtalk seems to be this lovely community full of people supporting and offering advice and help to others who need it. It's beautiful!