My Channel is growing quite slowly and I'm a bit discouraged - any advice?

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I've had my channel for 2 years now and just reached 100 subs last month. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy about that, but I see other channels that have been around a lot less time than me and they've got twice or three times as many subscribers as I do. I'm not going to stop making videos, but this is starting to get frustrating, and I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to get subscribers a bit faster? I know my channel is in a highly saturated area (I make music) but like I said I see other music YouTubers start later than I have and grow a lot faster than I do.

Or is it sort of just a crapshoot, and I'm getting discouraged/frustrated for nothing? I'd just really like help on getting over this hurdle, it's been bothering me for awhile.
it sounds trashy, but reach out to other people with around your amount of subscribers (1000 to 0) and comment on their videos saying you enjoyed it, being kind, etc. 8 or 9 times out of 10 you'll get a comment back, and most of the time from that you'll get another video view, and if your content has the quality, a new subscriber! this kind of support with creators can also help you improve the quality of your work. also, you should realise that everyone's youtube channel is a separate journey, and you gaining 100 subscribers in 2 years and someone else gaining 35,000 in 2 years doesn't mean your content is any worse than theirs, just that they've tapped into a niche or gotten lucky along the way.

if you're struggling with growth, try to tag strategically and use bright, colourful thumbnails for the most clicks. remember that you need to catch the fish before you can teach it how to do a trick (that was a little bit of an odd metaphor, but you understand my point). focus on views rather than subscribers, as they will come.
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