Monetize multiple accounts and more


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I created a cool and original video and uploaded it to a new Youtube account that I opened especially for it. After a few weeks I got an email from youtube saying I can monetize my video by linking this youtube account to my adsense account. I did and I started to get revenue for this video.
I would like to create a new Youtube account with more original videos on a different subject and I don't want these videos to be on the same account as my first video.
1. Can I monetize 2 youtube accounts with 1 adsense account?
2. How long can it takes until youtube will allow me to monetize a new account after the first video is uploaded.
3. Does the age of the account affect the rank and traffic my new uploaded videos will get? - In other words, does videos in older youtube accounts get more exposure than new accounts and hence more views?

Hope someone can help me,

1. Yes, you will answer a question on your 2nd account and use the publisher ID from your Adsense to unlock it on there, I believe its your date of birth and payee name, I cant remember the process fully but it works very easily, I used mine with my partners account and it worked out fine.
2. At present I believe it is right away although I could be mistaken.
3. I am unsure if the age affects it but I know that videos with more views tend to show up higher in the search results than those with lower amounts of views when it comes to say two word keyword searches, if you go for say four you will have a higher chance of being on the first page of results when the video has low views.

I am sure others will chime in here too for you, hope you have a great time here too and welcome to the forums :)