Gaming MINECRAFT PS4 YouTube Collab (Grow Together)


Hey! I'm looking for more people to collab with.

I would appreciate if you were in the same time zone as me and have a decent mic

Am open to play other games

My channel is family friendly but not patronizing so anyone can enjoy my videos

Leave a reply to this thread, I'll check out your channel to see if our personalities align

I don't care about your sub count, you just got to make good content that we can both benefit from

ABOUT ME: I have been doing YouTube (Properly) for 2 months now. You may think I am a noob but I have gained 95 subs in that time. Why? Because I make quality videos and don't execute the, quote unquote, small YouTuber problems. I'm 15 (turning 16) and I do Minecraft vids. I am planning to buy a BlueYeti to go pro because I am growing faster than all my other YouTuber friends even though they started before me. I don't mean to brag or anything, that's not what I want you to take away from this. I'm trying to say that I want someone who can make great content and cares for their YouTube channel like me.

Let's grow together on this YouTube grind that every small YouTuber goes through

Thanks for your time you guys :)
I would be happy to collab for some videos. What do you have planned for your minecraft videos? Just survival or something else?